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Diehl Ford of Sharon takes the average oil change and filter change to the next level. Not only do our technicians possess the best parts and tools, but also the up-to-date knowledge on vehicles’ engines and specs to ensure proper service (the first time). When you come in for The Works®, you receive a complete vehicle checkup, completed by one of our Ford Certified technicians. Diehl offers the best oil change in Sharon, PA.

 Our check-up includes:

  • A Synthetic Blend Oil Change

  • Tire Rotation And Pressure Check

  • Clean Engine Oil 

  • Brake Inspection

  • Multi-point Inspection

  • Fluid Top-off

  • Battery Test

  • Oil Filter Replacement

  • Hoses and Belt Check

Where are we located?

Diehl Ford of Sharon

1251 E. State Street

Sharon, PA 16146

How Do I Know My Oil Needs Changing?


Standardized oil and filter changes are vital to the life of your engine. By providing your Ford with the proper oil, it keeps its engine parts clean, reduces wear, and maximizes the vehicle’s overall performance.


Pay close attention to your vehicle’s owner’s manual and its scheduled maintenance intervals at the recommended mileage. This will help ensure that oil changes are done BEFORE engine damage can occur.


For 2008 and newer model-year vehicles, Ford recommends changing your oil every 7,500 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.


For 2007 and older model-year vehicles, Ford recommends an oil change every 5,000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.


Watch the oil monitor message on your vehicle’s dashboard. Many newer-model vehicles come equipped with the Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor® that will inform you when it’s time to change your oil and filter.


Receive Maintenance With Our Ford Service Credit Card


The Ford Service offers Credit Card is a financing option that lets you pay for all service maintenance and repairs, including The Works®. This credit card is not only valid at our Diehl Ford of Sharon location, but can be used at Ford dealers across the U.S.  It only takes a few minutes to apply and receive the decision. Upon credit approval, you’ll be provided with a credit line to assist you with all in-store purchases. 



In-store Purchases Include:

  • Ford Motorcraft® batteries

  • Parts

  • Accessories

  • Tires

  • Extended service plans

  • Loaner vehicles

  • Body shop repairs